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Dear Earth Collection - Society 6 Store

Shameless plug! ;) I have always being attracted to fabric, print and patterns and colors. And Lucky me right out of my undergraduate, I landed an internship with a design label called Quirk Box - which was, as the name suggest quirky, unique, bold, and innovative in the fashion scenes in India. With back to fashion collection release at-least twice a year, it was just where I wanted to be! I did a lot of CSR work you can see here along with their collection - that's for another time!

Anyhow, that experience and a brand new iPad today encouraged me to put up my abstract digital artworks and convert them into amazing products! And honestly, India had very limited Home decor options, I know first hand because moving into an empty apartment and limited budget, a good modern design rug is a rarity.

Hence, my Society6 shop. They do deliver to India! amazing quality! Here's what I have in store :

01. Cushions

Shop Here : 1. The Leaf | 2. Soil | 3. River | 4. Greenland | 5. Salt

02. Rugs

Shop Here : 1. The Leaf | 2. Soil | 3. River | 4. Greenland | 5. Salt

03. Mini Frames & Wall Art

Shop Here : 1. The Leaf | 2. Soil | 3. River | 4. Greenland | 5. Salt

04. Bar Stools

Shop Here : 1. The Leaf | 2. Soil | 3. River | 4. Greenland | 5. Salt

05. Credenza - Cabinet

Shop Here : 1. Soil | 2. River | 3. Greenland

06. Few of My favs

Shop Here : 1. Tray | 2. Sleeve | 3. Clock | 4. Tote Bag | 5. Bag | 6. Curtain | 7. Pouch

Good News : Society6.com offers up to 30% off on signing up. There are a lot more artists on that platform with some really great original designs! Check it out!

Where you live, your home, it really does have an impact on your life, your work life, your mindset, your productivity, the energy in the house, your habits, your thoughts. Every aspect of your life. It has to be your happy place!

My shop on society6 is here : society6.com/dollcee

Theres a lot more to come! If you have special request, please feel free to reach out!

Written and designed by Dollcee Khattar. If you would like to work with me or join the conversation reach out at hello@dollceekhattar.com | dollcee.khattar@gmail.com | www.dollcee.com or leave a comment bellow and I'll be touch! #DollceeKhattar #dollcee #I #graphicdesignblog #GraphicdesignIndia #identitydesign #GraphicdesignerIndia #BrandingProject #IdentityDesign #graphicdesign #websitedesigner #branding #brand #blog #designblog #graphicdesigner #designproject #portfolio #designportfolio #society6 #homedecor #stool #cabinet #onlineshop

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