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Kitchen Door Asia - Identity Design - WIP

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Brand design, Identity design, logo design, stationery design they all fall under a sub category - branding but not every logo design project can be labelled as branding. It is very important to understand what your clients is requesting from you. You wouldn't want to under deliver or over sell. Over deliver - YES! Always over deliver.

Kitchen Door Asia was a Identity design project. Doa requested for logo explorations and brand assets - stationery. It was priced accordingly - 2 logo concepts and 4 brand assets. This project was completed in the year 2017, initial days of freelancing.

Tip for designers : Before starting any project with a client, it is necessary to get a brief on paper written out by the client. This will give clarity to both the designer and client. Over the entire process, the designer has to keep referring back to the brief - so to not loose track.


For my process, the logo explorations (Stage 1) didn't have to be perfect, but rather presented beautifully for my client to get an idea of the look and feel, and ideations of the concepts. Of course, every exploration has a reason - a well researched market study to support the concept and justify the designs and selection (of fonts, colors etc) .

Tip for designers: The designs should always represent, the brief and your clients vision rathe than what you like or don't. You might not like serif fonts but if your client has a good history and fashion based - it might be a good idea to explore. You are a designer not an artist.


Here are the two logo explorations from Stage 1.0. Once a concept is chosen and liked by my client, I take forward to brushing it up, making it professionally on a grid. Selecting the correct fonts, the colors and creating the brand visuals and animations.

Concept 01 offered to the client : The look and feel of the logo is visualized in form of a email blast. This is how their customer will look and perceive the brand. Its not just about the logo but how it accompanied by the the brand assets and their harmony.


Concept 02 offered to the client : This concept was taken further by the client. It was brushed and corrected according to the feedback received. You can view the final Identity for Kitchen Door Asia here : Here

Yet another happy client! :) You can view the final Identity for Kitchen Door Asia here : Here


Written and designed by Dollcee Khattar. If you would like to work with me or join the conversation reach out at | or leave a comment bellow and I'll be touch!


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