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Branding Process & Timeline - Lunarshot Pictures

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Lunarshot Pictures is a character-driven production house in LA, California. The work mirrors the society and provides edgy entertainment to a mass audience.

I was approached by one of the company partners to provide a brand identity for their company. This was back in 2016. This was an year when I wanted to explore, travel while work as a freelancer. When you're new to new to working for yourself, it is very important to be a niche at one category while being informed about the market and industry you're in, at all times. Of course, initially it will be tough to aim for those rates without much experience or professional work, but hang in there - that time is not far - I promise you.

Previously, having worked with big clients and companies, I was confident in my skill set, knowledge and education to be able to deliver good concept with agency level designs and deliverables. Having said that I had to mould my process, in order to keep my client interested and delivering exactly what he required even if it meant over delivering. For Lunarshot, David wanted a couple logo concept explorations, along with brand assets and a website which was simple to maintain, that focused on their manuscripts and their portfolio works. They also wanted a powerpoint presentation that visually expressed their film scripts.

My business model in 2016 allowed me to work on 1 branding project each week. Which meant 3 logo concepts within 5 days and 1 day for implementation & presentation and 1 for revisions and edits.

The following are the concepts I proposed. I started with research > mood board of inspiration > started exploring > implementations > presentation > feedback > Deliverables. To view the final deliverables and branding along with website, follow this link here

The Mood Board


Concept 01 - To reflect a leadership spirit and provide more authenticity to the works of lunarshot - the logo is in form of a signature. It signifies authority, character, credibility and most important a human / humanity feel to the whole idea of lunarshot.


Concept 02 - Always delivering exceptional content is the mission of Lunarshot picture. It promises to leave its audience in complete awe. The logo thus reflects this vision. A modern logo to express the innovative and edgy character of the company. A fearless, innovative are few notions of this logo.


Concept 03 - Creating a brand personality for Lunarshot pictures inspired by space or lunar also indicating extraordinary content delivered to its audience and forever aiming at the creation of new perspective via Lunarshot films and movies.

This was selected by David and was worked on - See the full project here


Concept 04 - Creating a modern minimalistic personality for Lunarshot Pictures where in the logo is self explanatory. The logo represents the three concepts derived from the name.

“ Sometimes simple things are the most extraordinary thing and only the wise can see them ” Paulo Coelho


This was the entire Work in Progress for creating Identity Design for lunarshot. To view the final deliverables and branding along with website, follow this link here Thank You for sticking until the end! Really appreciate it and I hope it helped you with inspiration or somehow! If you would like to reach out with questions or a friendly chat write to me at or just hop on to my website


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