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Physical Features - Map Of India

There is something you need to know about Indian education - It's tough! There is a lot of stress for a developing brain. A lot of competition. And a lot of bully behavior by the teacher on their students. Score, marks, grade was all they cared about. A student getting a zero was somehow the students fault and not the teaching method they adopted.

A day at school was my nightmare - thanks to them. I wasn't ever a dull kid. But the fear made me shy - made me unresponsive - made me dis-interested. Every student in India has tuitions. My nephew who is just 7 years old, also has one. He learns basic math, english and geography. It's mandatory. And this is a real horror story. Why even go to school, one may ask? The kids in this education system are the real silent sufferers. On one end, its the teachers failing at their jobs, and on the other are the parents with the constant nagging and competitive comparisons. This then gets reflected on the developing brain of the child who is forced to think, there is no future if he doesn't score more than his fellow classmates. Maybe you are thinking I'm exaggerating. Here is a test that these kids have to not only solve but score at least 90% in an examination to end at a average college. Lets see how well you do! Ready?

Hit me up if you scored more than 10! And this is still the easy part of examination.

The point that I'm trying to make here is - today, we are making school, which was an exciting place once upon a time, where kids learned (and not mugged up or crammed books) a hell on earth. And the root cause is bad teaching methods. The chase for marks, the stress for mugging up line by line. The unlimited tuition studies. A kid has no time to be a kid anymore.

My Solution

I knew at a very young age, once I have to power to make a difference, this is where I'll start. Creative and innovation learning methods for kids.

  • The art of learning without actually learning/mugging it.

  • Subconscious learning.

  • Attractive design solutions.

  • Simple yet effective

The Atlas : This is a bible for kids aged 5 until age 11. Kids that age are still learning to read more over decipher this amazing professional map. To be honest its quiet overwhelming even for me to look at. Imagine these kids have to memorize every place mentioned in those tiny letters.

The solution : Young kids don't need to know half the things mentioned in that atlas. It's too specific. A wall chart size poster map that illustrates physical iconic features of India simply and creatively with recallable icons and colors for a young kid to remember. It might be very useful for a kid aged 6yr and above for academic purposes and otherwise. 

Save them Kids!

Good news! I have the file here if you would like to print it out and put it up on the wall. Otherwise you can message me and I'll have it posted at your address for the cost of shipping and print fee (Rs 200/- to Rs 400/-) depending on the print size and postal address.

Download the link here or message me here.

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