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NeeliTapri - Maushi Needs Help!

Maushi (in hindi means someone mother like) owns a small chai stall right in front of Symbiosis International University in Pune. Her entire family survives from this business and she makes the perfect chai with a blend of love and care. This stall has always been there, even before the existence of the university. But now the Municipal Cooperation sees the stall as a problem, so its trying to get an end to it.

Its now that Maushi needs us more than ever. This campaign was designed so that the problem becomes an issue and to gather as much support in favor of Maushi. To make most of the time and get maushi as much business as possible we decided on various marketing strategies which could be easily executed by us students.


This Campaign was designed and executed in the year 2013, with the help of students from Symbiosis Institute of Design and people you bought the Merchandise during the college Festival - Fundamentals 2013. We thank and appreciate them for all the love! - show your support because every like counts!


We started with a Facebook Page and creating content and creative other day. Cute little doodle that were attractive to the student market and later could be incorporated as Merchandise to sell at the festival.


This is received well by the students of the university. They wanted to be be a part it. They started to recognize the the branding, the name we suggested for the Tapri "NeeliTapri" and the tapri started to get more traffic = more business. The next step for us was to convert these illustration/doodles into handmade Merchandise such that with every purchase at the festival, we could support Maushi by giving her a percentage of the sales or by including a free chai coupon, which later will be exchanged for the amount with Maushi. These are the Merchandise we created by hand for Neelitapri to be put at sale for Fundamentals 2013.


Getting people to go to the tea shall was the main objective as repeat business would definitely follow. So, with every Neelitapri merchandise a free chai coupon was given with the small way map to Maushi's which was then exchanged for money. winwin! 


Thank You for sticking until the end! Really appreciate it and I hope it helped you with inspiration or somehow! If you would like to reach out with questions or a friendly chat write to me at or just hop on to my website

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