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Best 5 Investor Pitch Decks by Dollcee

I enjoy working with startups and companies with a less or almost no branding done. If you start with a stable, much impactful foundation, the goal is achieved much sooner than you would expect! Incase of companies looking to raise funds, the investor deck is the key! No matter how good of a speaker or sales person you are, if your audience can't imagine it visually, you're doomed! An investor not only invests in the people who run the business but also their passion and work done on that passion so far.

An investor is exposed to probably 100-1000 pitch decks every week, the question is not "why should they invest in a company like yours?" but "Did they even see or remember looking at your deck?"


In digital revolution, where anyone can differ between a sub-standard design from a premium one, so can your investor, perhaps in a matter of seconds! Don't give him that chance.

There are more things you would need than just the pitch deck, I'll talk about that soon and leave a link at the bottom for the Ultimate Investor Startup kit every company should have before seeking investment.


It feels like a million years I have been designing pitch decks on powerpoint, so that my clients can have 100% editing freedom. Here are a few of them I'm proud of and some that have successfully gained recognition and fundings. All these decks are 100% custom designed, on powerpoint, to match with their existing branding, logo and colors in order to create consistency all around. This makes an unseen connection between the website, visiting card and pitch deck, which in turn makes the company much more memorable, both on a conscious and sub-conscious level.


01. Peaur Beverages


02. Alinea Invest


03. Tout

Tout might still be one of those companies who are yet to decide and finalize their business model, I do however, love the aesthetics of the pitch deck, which could also lead to a very dynamic sort of branding for the company. This was the very first asset for them, as their plan was to start with investment focus startup strategy. We started with just a vague word doc, no logo, no brand colors - a blank canvas really!


04. Farafena


05. Lava Cheese


That's all folks! until next time! Written by Dollcee Khattar. If you would like to work with me or join the conversation reach out at | | or leave a comment bellow and I'll be touch!

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